We have a well-equipped advance call center with adequate resources dedicated for our customers. Our customers can take dedicated seats for their service or can make any customized arrangement with us to meet their requirements. We handle all the hassles of resources, monitoring, infrastructure, training etc to ensure our customers get their desired call center service.

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Dedicated seats

Shared or dedicated seats are available as per the necessity of the merchants

Customized arrangement

Custom arrangements can also be made to meet merchant’s specific requirements

Professional customer care

Get access to professional customer care support instantly without any hassle

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Work with a logistics partner that really understands your business requirements and can assist in a B2B basis.

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Become a part of one of the fastest growing logistics businesses and turn your life around!

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If you are looking for a complete logistics solution for your brand don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are looking forward to answering any queries that you have regarding our services.

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