Fragile & Liquid Item Delivery (FLID) is a service under which products that are fragile and liquid in nature will be delivered. We are the first logistic company in Bangladesh to take the risk of delivering fragile and liquid items and ensuring the safety of the products during delivery based on the sensitive nature of the products. Merchants are ensured to get 100% compensation for the parcels booked under this service if eCourier fails to deliver it in the same condition it was received.

What we can deliver

  1. Antiques

  2. Artwork

  3. Ceramic Items

  4. Cosmetics

  5. Electronic Devices

  6. Glassware

  7. Honey

  8. Kitchenware

  9. Lampshades

  10. Mirrors

  11. Oil

  12. Ornaments

  13. Paper Craft

  14. Pickle

Safety ensured

Fragile items need extra care and we make sure your products are safe with us in good condition till the delivery

Responsible delivery

We deliver each item with utmost care and sincerity so that you can rely on our service in time of need

Guaranteed refund

If the products are harmed during delivery, eCourier will provide 100% compensation for the damages.

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