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Instant COD payment (Instapay) for businesses - eCourier
Dec 9, 2022

eCourier, has launched the first on demand instant payment service ‘Insta Pay’ for its merchants to further transform and disrupt the logistics industry of Bangladesh.

Through the ‘Insta Pay’ service, merchants and businesses will receive their due payments instantly when delivery is completed upon receiving the cash, read a media release. This is a technologically automated service that will ensure merchants receive their money instantly in digital method i.e. MFS for now and bank accounts to be introduced soon. As a result, for products, parcels or documents delivered at any location in Bangladesh, merchants can expect to receive their payments digitally and instantly without any delay. In this digital era, end customers prefer cash on delivery services. A recent report by a national media stated, 97% of online customers opt for cash on delivery (COD) as payment method. In most cases, cash on delivery service is burdensome for small to medium sized merchants, as their investment is stuck till the courier or parcel delivery company reconciles the payment, which happens at best once a week.

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